Kamis, 25 Agustus 2011

Salary 19 citizens in Libya Employer Arrested

Libya increasingly erratic. Opposition forces stormed into Tripoli, the Libyan capital which previously controlled the defense forces Moammar Gaddafi. Unfortunately 19 Indonesian citizens left behind, even though the government has already evacuated hundreds of citizens of Indonesia.

Having traced 19 citizens turned out it was an illegal immigrant victims of human trade. Most of them chose to stay in the middle of the conflict because of their salaries withheld by employers.

Indonesian Ambassador to Tunisia, Muhammad Ibn Said, confirmed that the embassy has conducted an intense communication with the workers left behind. Said claimed the workers were remnants of hundreds of citizens who have been evacuated out of Libya.

"They are remnants, scattered yet known to exist before," said Said to VIVAnews, Tuesday, August 23, 2011.

Said claimed to get their names from the other maids who have been evacuated. To 19 people have been getting out of Libya, but they chose to stay because it has not been paid and lured big bonus after Eid.

"Most employers withheld their salaries, so they want to stay to take care of children, parents, or cooking. I've told them 'money could be sought after, life was just one' but they still choose to stay," said Said.

"Some others are working to a generous employer, they do not want to lose the opportunity if returned to Indonesia," she added.

Said explained that the 19 workers were sent to Libya illegally. They are mostly registered to work in Egypt, Dubai or Jordan, but by the dealer and then sent to Tripoli. "I say this as human trafficking, because they were moved illegally. In addition, Libya is not among the destinations of Indonesian workers," said Said.

The maids are working in a variety of elite settlements in Tripoli. Said claimed to continue to communicate with the maids, some afraid to tell because in the area near where he lived a shootout.

"They hear stories of battle and gunfire here and there. I urge to not go out and do not take steps itself. I call them to always be alert and do not leave the house, and away from the upheaval," said Said.
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This Time Constraints Deport citizens in Libya

A total of five of the 19 Indonesians who were still in Tripoli, Libya, decided to return home after Eid al-Fitr later. However, their return trip to the homeland is not without obstacles.

Indonesian Ambassador to Tunisia, Muhammad Ibn Said, said one problem is that he did not know the exact location where the residence of the employer's workers live. For that, he relied on Muhammad, Libyans who worked at the Embassy in Tripoli, to pick up the workers.

"In Libya there is no home address and street name, just rely on benchmark. For example, next to the mosque or the other. Only certain people who can reach the place," said Said to VIVAnews, Tuesday, August 23, 2011.

Tripoli itself was empty, because the entire staff of Indonesia have been evacuated to the ground water. Said Said Muhammad, who will pick up or transport the migrants to the border between Libya and Tunisia.

Once picked, the migrants will be delivered using a taxi to the border. It's also not easy. Said said due to the exodus of many of Libya, the fueling stations mostly closed, making the fuel is scarce.

"To buy the fuel had to queue 1-3 weeks. And we have to travel approximately 160 km for 4 hours. In addition, we also have to make sure it was safe to travel by land," said Said.

After arriving at the border, says Said, Tunis him and Embassy staff will be there to facilitate all the needs of the workers. Including overcoming the problems that may arise. "Sometimes they lost passports, no visas punga, or overstayer. We work with immigration officers Tunisia to overcome this," said Said.

Does not end there, the distance from the border to the capital of Tunisia is still far away. According to Said, the distance is about 580 miles by road for seven hours. Here, again there are obstacles.

"The people of Tunisia is still in the euphoria of democracy. When night fell, residents sometimes close the road to ask for in return. Therefore, we always traveled in the daytime," said Said.

After arriving at the Embassy in Tunis, the workers attempted to return immediately to their homeland. According to the foreign ministry, to date, has more than 900 citizens who have been repatriated to their homeland through Egypt, Libya and Tunisia.
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Rabu, 24 Agustus 2011

The fate of 19 workers in the midst of crisis Libya

Since last February, the conditions in Tripoli, Libya, do not get better. In some corners of the city was still sound barrage of bullets, the result of clashes between government troops and rebels. Helpless civilians caught in the middle of a firefight, including the 19 Indonesian citizens who choose to live in the capital.

Indonesian Ambassador to Tunisia, Muhammad Ibn Said, said the 19 is the Indonesian migrant workers who do not want to be evacuated back to the homeland. They had forgotten. If only the staff of the embassy in Tunisia did not ask if there are still remaining, the possibility of 19 people is never known to exist.

"They are remnants, scattered yet known to exist before," Saud said when contacted VIVAnews, Tuesday, August 23, 2011.

Women's 18 people, and one man. They work as maids, while men work as a gardener. They live in scattered settlements elite in Tripoli. "If it was not a rich man, will not be able to hire workers in Indonesia," said Said.

The various reasons put forward why they did not participate in the evacuation of citizens of Indonesia since last February. In fact, the evacuation carried out in three waves. TKI Protection Director Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), Tatang Razak, said that until now have 926 citizens who successfully repatriated. A total of 646 of whom facilitated the Foreign Ministry, while the rest is self-supporting companies they work for.

Said said that most Indonesians plead not want to go home because it has not given a salary by their employers. In addition, they also lured big bonus if willing to stay until the end of the Eid al-Fitr. Said explained that most of their employers have gone out of Libya to take shelter, while the workers left to take care of children, parents, and keep house.

"I've told them 'money could be sought after, life was just one' but they still choose to stay," said Saud.
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Login Successful rebels Complex Khadafi

Rebel anti-regime forces Muammar Gaddafi has made ​​it into the Libyan leader's residence complex on Tuesday afternoon local time. Bab al-Azizya complex that is the base camp defense Gaddafi in Tripoli. But Gaddafi and his two sons, who originally claimed to have been caught, still hunted

"Rebel forces had broken through the gates of Bab al-Aiziya in Tripoli, in the middle of a shootout with the growing onslaught of pro-Gaddafi forces," reported news station Al-Jazeera correspondent, Zeina Khodr, August 23, 2011.

But the rebels are still trying to master the entire complex Gaddafi, given the region's strengthened defense in depth. Gunfire in a number of other areas in Tripoli also still going on since the rebel forces support NATO's successful entry into Tripoli on Sunday.

NATO itself is rumored to play help defense forces bombed a rebel with Gaddafi in Bab al-Aiziya. According to Al Jazeera, a number of NATO fighter jets flew low over the complex Gaddafi. Fierce fighting was still ongoing and has not been completed.

Nevertheless, the rebels reportedly managed to penetrate the first layer of defense forces in the complex's Gaddafi. It is uplifting despite their still get resistance from the troops Gaddafi.

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Selasa, 23 Agustus 2011

Where Khadafi Hide?

Muammar Gaddafi's residence complex at Al-Aziziya, Tripoli, pounded rebel masses on Tuesday afternoon local time. Government soldiers on guard successfully conquered, but not Gaddafi nowhere to be seen.

Speculation about the current whereabouts of many people also appear near or observer Gaddafi. Some believe, Gaddafi is still hiding in a place in Tripoli. The one that says it is the World Chess Federation President, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov.

Reporting from the CNN page, Wednesday, August 24, 2011, Gaddafi never played chess with Ilyumzhinov on June 12, in the midst of crisis Libya. At that time, Gaddafi said to Ilyumzhinov not going to leave Libya. Encountered by the Interfax news agency, Ilyumzhinov claimed to have spoken with Gaddafi and his son, Mohammed, said by telephone.

"He admitted that he is still alive and well in Tripoli and Libya will not leave," says Ilyumzhinov.

In addition to the homeland, there were many speculations that said Gaddafi had fled abroad. The first possibility is the country of destination Gaddafi Algeria, Tunisia or Chad. Mahmoud Shammam, information minister of the National Transition Council, said he received a report Gaddafi near the Algerian border. "But I do not really believe it," said Shammam.

Various other analysts estimate he was still in Libya, whether in the capital or in his hometown of Sirte. Not rule out also, Gaddafi was in a lonely desert or remote mountainous areas that people rarely passed.

Atlantic Magazine writes, Gaddafi has strong ties with the countries of the African Union. According to the magazine, Gaddafi will likely escape to one of these countries. Call it the Algerian and South Africa. In addition to Africa, Gaddafi may also fled to Libya allied countries, namely Venezuela or Saudi Arabia.

One U.S. government official who did not want to be named, believes there is still Gaddafi in Tripoli. One surprise, the possibility of Gaddafi was in the basement of the hotel Rixos. The hotel will not be attacked by coalition forces and insurgents because it is a place to stay for Western journalists.

But this is disputed by a former aide to Gaddafi, professor Abubaker Saad. He said that Gaddafi would not dare live in the bunker because it will surely be destroyed. "You have to remember that Gaddafi is a member of the military. He must have known they had a weapon that can penetrate bunkers," said Saad.
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Rebels Claim Already ahold of Tripoli

Rebels rejoice over the fall of the headquarters of the residence of Kadhafi in Tripoli, Libya. They also claim that the capital had fallen into the hands of the rebels and the new administration will soon come true.

According to the news station Al Jazeera, Wednesday, August 24, 2011, the rebels celebrate their victory in the settlement of Al-Aziziya by firing bullets into the air. The rebels also managed to loot the ammo and weapons contained in the said complex. Several other middle looks cool to trample on the statue itself Gaddafi.

Head of the National Transition Council, Mustafa Abdel Jalil, said that 400 people were killed and 2,000 wounded in a rebel attempt to master the capital for three days. Gaddafi Jalil said 600 soldiers had been detained. However, he said, the battle is not over until Gaddafi caught.

"I hope he can be caught alive and brought to trial so the world can know his crimes," said Jalil.

Meanwhile, one other member of the National Transition Council, Mahmoud Jibril, said that the regime has been destroyed as the capture of the capital by the rebels. He said if the capital have on hand, then other cities will also be subject to.

"It is no exaggeration if I say within the next few days, other cities will also be seized. In Libya there is a saying: Cut off his head and dried blood will flow," said Gabriel told the news station CNN.

The presence of Gaddafi is still unknown. In the audiotape broadcast on television, Gaddafi claimed is alive and well. Gaddafi also vowed to win this fight or die as a martyr.

Various speculations arose about the existence of Gaddafi today. Several said Kadhafi fled abroad, others said Gaddafi was in Tripoli. Minister of Information of the National Transition Council, Mahmous Shammam, did not question it.

"Where Gaddafi is not a problem. In a few hours, a maximum of a few days, we will establish a new Libya, Libyan independence," said Shammam.
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Senin, 22 Agustus 2011

Britain: Gaddafi Has Chemical Weapons

Moammar Gaddafi government troops were driven back from his residence in Bab Al-Aziziya, Tripoli. However, Gaddafi is still a big threat of force, especially the threat of weapons of mass destruction he had.

This warning is delivered by British Foreign Secretary, William Hague, told BBC news station, Tuesday, August 23, 2011. Hague said that Gaddafi's regime was cornered and dying, so it will do anything to defend himself.

"There are still many people out there. We should not rule out all possibilities. Libyans are still in a difficult and dangerous," said Hague.

Although Libya in 2003, has handed most of the chemical and biological weapons, but Gaddafi is believed to still keep the chemicals in large quantities. These chemicals can be used to make mustard gas. This gas is a deadly gas that had used the German army in World War I.

British Intelligence Agency said in a statement that they are clamping down on the chemicals belong to Libya. The chemicals are believed to be stored tightly in the desert west of the country. England watched the place with satellite cameras.

In addition to weapons of mass destruction, Gaddafi also allegedly have 240 missiles of type "Scud B" which can reach distances of up to 289 km away. If launched, the warhead on missiles can destroy the whole town.

NATO says one Scud missile ever launched Gaddafi from Sirte to rebel headquarters in Misurata, but off the mark, allegedly crashed in the sea. "Scud missiles were a threat to civilians. It is a weapon of terror, and irresponsible," said NATO spokesman, quoted by the Telegraph pages.

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